Help us spread the word

The Music Day UK coordinating group would love to hear from members of the press as one of our main objectives is to raise awareness about the Music Day phenomenon. The materials on this page would also be of use to anyone trying to spread the word about Music Day in general.

Click to download our current Press Pack PDF
or the complete Press Pack with photos and assets in a zip file (24mb).

Please email us via the Contact menu for any further information not in our pack or to arrange an interview with a member of our core team. We will also soon have some more detailed listings available for events which are early enough to be included.

On the day itself we will enlist freelance professionals to document certain events. This material will be available for the press to use post-event and will be uploaded here in due course. We of course encourage members of the press to make their own reporting and documentation.

If you need help to promote your Music Day event then you will find what you are looking for on our Resources Page.