Some help with planning your own Music Day event

We know that the easy part of creating a Music Day event is that initial spark of enthusiasm and your decision to get involved. But where do you go from there?

Taking the bold move to organise an event in a public space, or in a venue which doesn't already hold a licence, often leads you into a quandary. There can be a great deal of forms to fill out and new lingo to decipher.

This is one of the things that our co-ordinating group will campaign to change in the future, but for now what we can do is to try and ease the pain of all that red-tape.


Here is a list of all the things you might need to stage your event:

  • Permission or licence to use a space
  • Temporary Events Notice (TEN) for music/entertainment or food/drink sales
  • Public liability insurance
  • Adequate staffing
  • Amplification and audio equipment
  • Transport
  • Staging/fencing/electricity supply
  • Health & safety measures
  • Promotion – social media, web, emails, flyers, posters, listings
  • Music! (You can find performers via the bottom of your Profile page)


Here are some guides and templates to help you complete some of the paperwork you might be asked for:

We are developing our own Music Day Events Toolkit – please sign up to our mailing list to find out when it has been published.